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Since nowadays we're moving towards international productions, collaborations and distance filmmaking, KINOCREW will be a very helpful database for you in search of a needed film professional. Being involved in filmmaking for a few years, it's been always a challenge for me and my colleagues to find filmmakers both in Russia and overseas since there are no special platforms dedicated to other professions besides actors and actresses. Also IMDbPro is much less popular outside USA, in European countries and as for Russia some of professional filmmakers even never heard of it. As a result one always had to do the search manually through colleagues or recommendations. Sometimes it can work, sometimes it cannot, and there is a great chance you can miss your perfect crew member or spend days and months in search for one. And that is how the idea of KINOCREW platform was born.

Now it's just a matter of time to collect film professionals from all over the world so that you can make your filmmaking dreams come true!

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Meet film professionals from all over the world
While we're processing all the applications, we're publishing a part of our registered participants, so that you have a vivid example how our platform looks like, information available in profiles and how search filters are organised. Also, you can see which countries and film professions are presented. Maybe you can already find your prospective colleagues!
Stay tuned, soon we'll publish more profiles...


To join KINOCREW platform, please, read the information below and submit the online form:
We have the following categories for submission for film professionals: production, distribution, scriptwriting, direction, cinematography, production design, acting (please, note, unfortunately, we cannot accept submissions from actors and actresses since they have their own specific platforms, however, if you provide services for actors and actresses such as couching, teaching acting skills, voice/ dialect couching, etc. then you can qualify for this category), casting, editing, sound, music and VFX.
Adding New Categories
If you don't find the needed category but provide another filmmaking service that you'd like to add to our KINOCREW platform, please, write us an email with your proposal
For Companies
Also we have a separate section for production companies, studios, post-production services, rentals, etc. Please, submit an additional form below.
For Russian Native Speakers
Since our website MY KINOROOM is functioning both in English and Russian, KINOCREW platform will also be available in these two languages. If you're a native Russian speaker, please, use Russian page of KINOCREW and the registration forms - click here
Free and Paid Registrations
Please, also note that we have a limited offer of free registrations and as soon as we reach our first 100 registrations, we will post the notification and open paid registrations. The fee will equal to an average price of a movie ticket and will give you a lifetime registration on KINOCREW platform.
KINOCREW Registration for Individuals
Your Email
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Your job in film industry
How long have you been doing this job?
Which country and city do you work from?
Which languages do you speak?
Please, write a short bio (no more than 8 lines!), including your educational and working background in film industry and any other related info you find prospective to mention
Your Video portfolio (showreel) or link to any sample work
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Email for contacting you, it will be visible for the viewers
Your Photo (portrait type; color; square format 1:1; minimum resolution 1000 x 1000 px); please, name the photo file as your full name
KINOCREW Registration for Companies
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Which service does the company provide for film industry?
How long has the company been providing this service?
Which country and city does the company operate from?
Which languages does the company can provide its service in?
Please, write a short description (no more than 8 lines!) of the company including any filmmaking info you find prospective to mention
Company Video portfolio (showreel) or link to any sample work
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Company Email for contacts, it will be visible for the viewers
Company Logo (square format 1:1 highly recommended; minimum resolution 1000 x 1000 px; please, name the logo file as your Company name)
Please, allow us up to 1-2 working days to check all the information and files you provided in the form and we will send you the confirmation email and then will notify you when your profile will be published on KINOCREW platform and will be visible for viewing and sharing!
Don't miss your chance to join KINOCREW for free and save money for a movie ticket! ;)
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