You are what you consume

It concerns not only food, but information as well in all its forms, and films are no exception...

It concerns not only food, but information as well in all its forms, and films are no exception. And if you think that watching some not really good film will harm you less than food of the same quality, then you're mistaken. Maybe you'll not really throw up after such a film, but the side effect can be more dangerous since it will be invisible and start revealing itself after a while.

Oksana Belousova
CEO & Founder of MY KINOROOM, Film Director
What does it mean?

Since film is a flow of information, this information has its idea, ideology which eventually you will fall under influence of and start implementing in your behaviour. Film are like people you interact with, and people are like films - they don't tell directly what they think, there is always a hidden subtext beside the spoken text, they can impose some values on you, plant ideas in your head, they can inspire you and they can manipulate you, they can be quite toxic or you may feel a very strong emotional attachement to them… Am I still talking about people or films?

If films didn't have such an influence on people, they would not be considered one of the most powerful weapon of influence or propaganda. They would not be censored that much. They would not be restricted in one countries and allowed in others. And they would not be that carefully chosen for mass consumption at cinemas.

So, you should be careful which films you consume, be ready to indentify distorted ideas, corrupted values and manipulative tricks. You can learn how to dissect film's structure, get to its psychological layer, see its real motive and have a chance not to fall for it. Where can you start to learn about it? For example, at our KINOCLUB.

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