Twin Peaks Marathon

The best time to watch or rewatch the legendary TV series...

If you always wanted to watch or rewatch the legendary TV series "Twin Peaks" created by David Lynch and Mark Frost, it's high time to do it!

Oksana Belousova
CEO & Founder of MY KINOROOM, Film Director
Since its premiere back in 1990, "Twin Peaks" has always been among the top-rated TV series in the world. The mysterious story of Laura Palmer, the iconic Red Room, the owls who are not what they seem, the Log Lady, the Black Lodge, the damn good coffee with the delicious cherry pie and the most atmospheric soundtrack in the opening credits composed by talented Angelo Badalamenti - this whole world of Twin Peaks became so dear to millions of people!

Register for Twin Peaks Marathon that will run from December 1st, 2020 until the middle of January 2021 - now you have enough time to watch all 3 seasons (48 episodes) and get ready for our online ZOOM discussion. Also, you'll get a specially designed workbook with tasks that will help you to navigate yourself through "Twin Peaks".
All the details and registration here.

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