Shorts of the Greatest

Have you ever seen first short films by great film directors?
Have you ever seen first short films by great film directors?

Were they already born talented and with a silver camera in hands? Let's see:

"A Flower" (1971) - one of the earliest films by Lars von Trier. He is 15. It seems that this drama is a short version of what we will see in all the following films by Trier .

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"Flying Padre" (1951) - Stanley Kubrick's debut in documentary genre. He is 23. It's 17 years before "A Space Odyssey", but Kubrick is already flying with camera.

"A Flirtatious Woman" (1955) 25-year-old Jean-Luc Godard dedicates his first short film to relations between a woman and a man, and will keep doing it for a very long time. French will be French!

"The Killers" (1956) - the first student short film by Andrei Tarkovsky, one of the greatest film directors ever. He is 24. Will you spot here that famous Tarkovsky?

"The Lamp" (1959) - one of the earliest shorts by "great and terrible" 26-year-old Roman Polanski,
who has always been standing aside with his dark humour and strange relations between his characters.

"The Office" (1966), Krzysztof Kieslowski, a master of documentary, depicts the workflow of one public institution. It seems nothing has changed much for the past 70 years. Kieslowski is 25.

"The Big Shave" (1967) - a short film by 25-year-old Martin Scorsese. It has a very simple plot, however, it's just a very strong metaphor that Scorsese would come back to later in "Taxi Driver".

"The Grandmother" (1970) is the first short film by David Lynch. He is 24. And he just opens up a door to his surreal world.

"Doodlebug" (1997) is a simple short film by 27-year-old Christopher Nolan. He is already playing with time and space.

Check these and other short films by great film directors by following the link to another section of MY KINOROOM website - SHORTS.

Watch and make your own conclusions!

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