Psychology matters

... but who cares?
It turns out that it is quite an important and core layer not only of scriptwriting but directing, producing, acting, film criticism and, in fact, whole filmmaking process. And if at some level they do teach psychology to screenwriters since they are responsible for building characters, conflicts, motivations, inner journeys, etc. Then the rest of film creators can do without it.

Oksana Belousova
CEO & Founder of MY KINOROOM, Film Director
However, those filmmakers who do find their way to film psychology on their own, would usually ask this logical question: "Why didn't they teach us this at film school?"

Well, let's not waste even more time to find an answer to this rhetorical question - here's the book I'd like to share from my KINOSHELF:

"Psychology for Screenwriters" by William Indick.

It will be insightful for filmmakers, cinephiles and ordinary people who're interested in psychology.

Please, visit special section of MY KINOROOM website dedicated to books about filmmaking where you can find other interesting and useful books - SHELF.

Also, there are lots of great videos dedicated to psychological analysis of films and characters on Lessons from the Screenplay YouTube channel that could be very helpful.

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