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When I was writing previous article about female characters in films and their absence in top ratings, I couldn't have even imagined such a solution to this request… Here is the news:

In october 2021 Russia is planning to shoot the first film at the space station with a woman in a leading role, the casting has already started; how cool is that?! however, at the very same time Americans are pushing the same project but with Tom Cruise - so, it's 2020 out there, competitors are the same, the question is the same - who is the first going to the space… to shoot a film?

Oksana Belousova
CEO & Founder of MY KINOROOM, Film Director
Russian largest film database Kinopoisk - "Russian IMDb" - decided to reset Top 250; now Top 250 will consist of films received the biggest number of votes for the past year and not for the entire time; Kinopoisk explained that Top 250 has too many old, irrelevant and uninteresting films, for example, "Andrey Rublev" (1966) by Tarkovsky, and the new rating will correct that and will reflect more precisely tastes of today's audience.

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