Picnic at Hanging Rock

What we see and what we seem are but a dream, a dream within a dream...
Australian mystery drama film "Picnic at Hanging Rock" (1975) by Peter Wier is based on Joan Lindsay novel, who kept a secret whether the events really took place. The plot involves the disappearance of schoolgirls and a teacher during a picnic at Hanging Rock. Unfortunately, the film didn't become worldly famous upon its release and is still considered to be among the most underrated films.

Oksana Belousova
CEO & Founder of MY KINOROOM, Film Director
"Picnic at Hanging Rock" is one of my favourite mystery films. I admire the way the film director thinks and unfolds the story, and also uses quite a dangerous trick of direct reference to an artwork, since it has to be genuinely interwoven with the plot, layers of meaning, create metaphors and exist in a dialogue with the canvas of the story.

What does Peter Wier want to tell showing Sandro Botticelli's "The Birth of Venus" (1486) in one of the scenes?
In the film there is a line about the main character: "I know that Miranda is a Botticelli angel", then the reference to the painting and Miranda herself, who looks alike, young and beautiful. As well as one can easily get what the painting depicts (Venus emerges from the sea in a shell, blown towards the shore by the god of the winds and the breeze, while a Hora of Spring stands on dry land poised to wrap a cloak around Venus to cover her nudity).

Let's dive deeper…

Venus comes from one world into another and when she comes ashore she will become more earthly. The nudity of Venus also echoes that of Eve in the Garden of Eden who also was inbetween the worlds. There is Venus before and after: according to Plato, Venus was an earthly goddess who inspired humans to physical love, and a celestial goddess who inspired them to intellectual love.
Knowing a bit more, will give you a deeper feeling of the film and you will see how Peter Weir brilliantly plays with you and then rewards!

Hanging Rock is in Victoria, Australia; "The Birth of Venus" is in Uffizi Gallery, Florence, Italy; "Picnic at Hanging Rock" is there where you are - uniting function of cinema!
However, the images you've seen before is just a half of the impression, the other one is the sound. Listen to this beautiful and atmospheric composition written by Bruce Smeaton to have a full experience.
Now you have an excellent option for a film to watch! Moreover, there are other interesting and intriguing things to spot in "Picnic at Hanging Rock", so keep your eyes open and stay curious!

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