My Filmmaking Journey. Part II

Based on a true story. The world of NYFA
When I chose two-months intensive filmmaking course, I had my own understanding of intensive. However, according to NYFA it meant: full-time studies 5 days a week + masterclasses + general homework + film shootings + partying in NYC (optional). Also, they gave us cameras right away. Arriflex 16mm film cameras. None of us had any prior experience even with digital ones! Well, it's NYFA's unique method to teach you the core idea of moving pictures, value of every frame and most importantly - to make decisions right here, right now without an opportunity to look at a playback!

Oksana Belousova
CEO & Founder of MY KINOROOM, Film Director
It got more serious when after a week we were put into small groups and began shooting our own projects. It was not hard to shoot your own film. It was hard to shoot your classmates' ones - properly load film into the camera, otherwise, nothing would be shot and it would be only your fault, but you'd know about it only when the whole roll was used and the rewind button was pressed. It was NYFA's another unique method to teach us to be professional and responsible no matter whose project it was.

After a month we were on good term with Arriflex and tried ourselves as directors, DPs, gaffers, boom operators, runners and even actors, and shot two short films each. But it was time to go digital and move into final films direction. We were already quite good crews, trusted each other, so such childish things as being late or not showing up didn't happen even if somebody had to shoot at -20℃ outside for 4 days in a row.

Was it difficult? Yes. Was it the most difficult? No.

The most difficult was to present your final film to an audience that didn't have a clue what your crew and you went through to make it, and then listen to positive and negative feedback, draw conclusions and move on, carrying the elixir of unique filmmaking experience that was forever imprinted in first films made at NYFA!

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