My Filmmaking Journey. Part I

Based on a true story
I started thinking about filmmaking about 14 years ago, but back then my ordinary small town was literally too far away even from "Russian Hollywood hills".

About 12 years ago when I was in New York during my Au Pair program, I constantly saw advertisements of New York Film Academy. And I constantly passed them by. I even walked around the academy's building, took pictures and still thought that filmmaking was too far away.

Oksana Belousova
CEO & Founder of MY KINOROOM, Film Director
Back in Russia I occupied myself with anything rather than filmmaking for the next 4 years, and was surprised that nothing had happened between me and filmmaking yet, until finally I let myself dream big and move directly in the film academy's direction. At this very moment the long-lasting puzzle started to come together the most not-coming-together way!

The only missing piece left was visa which I was about to get at the American Embassy, and surprise - my application was denied. For a law-abiding citizen with a status of high-achiever like me it was a collapse of the system and the American dream. NYFA didn't return my calls and emails since they had a bigger problem to deal with - Superstorm Sandy.

So, I opened Google and typed "what to do if you were denied a visa". That's what Google is for, right? But all the stories "been there, done that" concluded to try the luck in half a year or later. And then on some umpteenth page I found a story of a guy who booked his second appointment right away and got the visa. It's can-you-really-do-this type of a story.

In three days NYFA advisor and I were exchanging happy emails how we had coped with the storms of our own and proceeded to the next step. And I'll just note that it was quite a good excuse to refuse my filmmaking call, but then I'd have deprived myself of such an exciting New York adventure that I'll share in my next episode…

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