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To the world's first historical movie theatre
It seems we've approached the end of an era... We've gone digital, so no more movie tickets printed… Of course, it's a contribution to ecology and keeping up with technologies, but it's sad loosing the touchable memories because they are touching!

This is a very tiny part of my movie tickets collection from different movie theatres in Moscow and Maykop, my hometown. Each movie theatre has its own name, design and style, so as the movie tickets. I cannot say which one is my favourite, because it's more connected with the film watched there... How could one choose among Andrey Tarkovsky's "The Mirror" on the biggest screen at Karo Oktyabr, or "Paterson" by Jim Jarmush at 5 Zvezd at Novokuznetskaya (one of few theatres back in 2017 where you could watch films in original languages), or Coen Brother's "Hail, Caesar!" at 35 mm which now is closed, or "Great Gatsby" by Baz Luhrmann at the only movie theatre in Maykop, or the premiere screening of "The First Film", a documentary by David Nicholas Wilkinson at CDK, which production I was lucky to join, and it was an incredible experience! But still there is one that stands out…

Oksana Belousova
CEO & Founder of MY KINOROOM, Film Director
This is a ticket to "The First Film" screening but at Morris-Jumel Mansion in Manhattan, New York. It is not a movie theatre, well, in fact it would have been the world's very first movie theatre in 1890 if the true inventor of moving pictures Louis Aime Augustin Le Prince hadn't mysteriously disappeared.

Luckily, 126 years later Le Prince's first films were finally screened there. Moreover, Le Prince's great great granddaughter - Laurie Snyder was there! A very special screening indeed! And I still don't know how the film universe did that, but something tells me such things don't happen often, maybe even once in a lifetime, and it's so special to have a ticket to such event!

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