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I'm finally launching KINOCLUB, a place where we watch films between the frames. What does it mean?

First of all, you need to understand that, on the one hand, film is a combination of art forms such as literature, painting, theatre, music, etc., and on the other, film is a result of collaboration of a number of people involved - producers, film directors, scriptwriters, cinematographers, production designers, actors, music composers, editors, etc. - who are constantly creating a variety of choices and making them as well.

Oksana Belousova
CEO & Founder of MY KINOROOM, Film Director
That's why in our KINOCLUB we'll look at a film discussed from all these art forms involved, from different departments participated, from technical and artistic points of view considered, from film's idea to its distribution, we'll also take a look behind the scenes and only after such a complex approach a film's well-grounded review, but I'd rather call it - "film appreciation" - can be produced.

So, if you want to learn how to appreciate films, how to see all these invisible elements, have a deeper feeling and understanding of this artform, and as a result develop your professional or amateur film skills - join our KINOCLUB - it's absolutely free! You only need to register and download file with homework to do.
We open our KINOCLUB with "Nuovo Cinema Paradiso" - one of the best films ever made about cinema, love to cinema, love and friendship, and life. The film that every filmmaker and cinephile must certainly watch! Follow the link to read more on the page of our KINOCLUB.

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