Your extraordinary filmmaking journey step by step
Welcome to my first filmmaking course KINOCAMP!

KINOCAMP is an online course of 12 Lessons about theoretical basics of filmmaking that I designed for cinephiles and aspiring filmmakers who found themselves at the very beginning of their filmmaking path. Maybe you are just thinking about getting into film industry or a film school, before these decisions are made it's better to get as much information as possible about filmmaking process itself - KINOCAMP is your short-term "pre-filmschool"!

Oksana Belousova
CEO & Founder of MY KINOROOM, Film Director
During KINOCAMP you will gradually go through all the stages of filmmaking process - from an idea to a theatrically released film, from a runner to a director's chair.

You will grasp the differences between short and feature film productions and understand why only short films are made at film schools and what it takes to produce a feature one.

You will study basics of film history, cover the most important names, learn professional vocabulary and slang.
KINOCAMP course programme consists of the following basic topics that every filmmaker must know and the sooner you understand the inner structure, the better!

So, during 12 Lessons you will learn about: 1) Film History; 2) Film Production Cycle; 3) Script; 4) Producer; 5) Film Director; 6) Casting; 7) Cinematography; 8) Art, Design and VFX; 9) Sound and Music; 10) Principal Photography; 11) Post-Production and 12) Distribution.

Moreover, KINOCAMP has an ultimate guide - a specially designed workbook with 140 pages of materials and tasks to keep all notes in one place, ready at hand and most importantly - vividly track your filmmaking progress step by step!
And least but not last, I've designed a fun entry test for KINOCAMP that will show how well you know the theoretical basics of filmmaking to help you not only make a decision in favour of KINOCAMP but also learn lots of interesting and useful facts!

Please, follow the link to visit the official page of KINOCAMP course, read all the details and set out on your own extraordinary filmmaking journey - KINOCAMP !

See you at KINOCAMP!

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