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A separate work of art
I've been always fascinated by graphic film posters and always thought it should have been an award for it since it's a special presentation of the film that can become not only a great promotion material but also an additional work of art that can be printed and used as a decorative element. Sometimes graphic film posters become more iconic than the ordinary ones, and sometimes not…

Since the whole process of working on our short film DOLMEN was quite challenging and mysterious, the way some people were coming into project was either a coincidence or something predetermined to happen anyway.

Oksana Belousova
CEO & Founder of MY KINOROOM, Film Director
I met Marcello at the art market in Stintino, Sardinia, a few months later we finished the production of the film. Marcello's array of art works stood out among others since they were simple, inexcusably simple but full of a strong idea behind that made you start thinking immediately. Such a person turned out to be Marcello himself. Simple but a true, thoughtful artist, a philosopher, who expressed himself not only in graphic design, but installations, theatre sets and photography. And of course Marcello was absolutely passionate about what he was doing. It would be an incredible experience to collaborate with such a person! The only obstacle was if he could find something inspirational in our work that would make him to create his?

When Marcello saw the film he asked only one question - how much time he had to present the drafts. Then he sent three amazing graphic posters of DOLMEN and we kept all of them because if there is a flow of inspiration you should embrace all of it.

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