Female Characters in Film

The long-awaited evolution...
Have you ever noticed that we've almost never had top-rated films with leading female characters? Check IMDb, Rotten Tomatoes, Sight & Sound, etc.

Of course, we have iconic female characters, but they usually beat about the bush of sexual context - "Basic Instinct", "Showgirls", anything and everything with Monica Bellucci, a bit less obvious but still the same idea in "Breakfast at Tiffany's" and "Pretty Woman".

Oksana Belousova
CEO & Founder of MY KINOROOM, Film Director
Fortunately, at some point it started to change - female characters started to have other jobs, talk about other things and reveal themselves as interesting personalities. Unfortunately, it's not happening everywhere, many actresses strugle to play somebody else besides a sex doll.

However, those who bet on complex and relevant female characters, are likely to attract the bigger audience. For example, "Spencer" - a film about Princess Diana which already shook the conservative audience by casting Kristen Stewart for the main part. What do they have in common? At least, personality?

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