One of the most underrated TV-series in cinema history
TV series that Google will not recommend you, but I will, as well as the Vatican. It doesn't sound modest but it's the way it is (I'm not talking about "The Young Pope" (2016) by Paolo Sorrentino, but if you haven't seen yet, I recommend as well, but not the Vatican). Maybe the name of a Polish film director Krzysztof Kieslowski is not that famous as Sorrentino's, but he is considered as one of the most influential film directors of the second half of the 20th century. Probably Kieślowski is the most famous for his "Three Colors" trilogy (1993-94). However, even his first student films, documental and fictional, and first features are worth watching as well.

Oksana Belousova
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Kieślowski always wanted to depict the real life of real people, but it was quite challenging during his time and during that political regime in Poland. And after having had his documentaries censored a few times, Kieślowski switched to fiction where he could still express himself in a hidden way. Moreover, he managed to transfer his real people into his fictional world, but we can only guess to what extent. Therefore, Kieślowski's films are true masterclasses on creating credible and interesting characters, their motivations, actions and plot development. Since he always used to say that "it's not interesting to achieve; the ways of achievement are interesting".

And "Dekalog" (1988) - is ten hours of such a masterclass! It's also regarded as the first commercially successful drama series for television. Each film (or episode) is a partial illustration of one of the Ten Commandments, adapted to 1980s in Poland, however, their essence remains relevant to any time and place. Otherwise, the Vatican wouldn't have listed "Dekalog" among 45 most important films of all times in "values" category.

For all not religious gathered here, IMDb rating - 9; Rotten Tomatoes - 97%.

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