Never mention this in your CV,

Never show this in your portfolio.
Have you ever heard such kind piece of advice from friends, colleagues or random people who meant to be good?

Personally I've met such kind advisors quite often during my life starting from its very beginning.

Oksana Belousova
CEO & Founder of MY KINOROOM, Film Director
I've been always advised to say that "I'm from Krasnodarsky region and not from Adygeya". You know, Adygeya is less popular and sounds more frightening. And if talking to foreigners it's better to say that "I'm from Russia and some sort of Moscow" because that's usually what foreigners know about Russia, nobody cares about its regions.

When I studied at a comprehensive school #5 in Maykop, some people used to say that it was not really a good school, so there was nothing particular to be proud of.

When I started studying English and German, there were people telling that a degree from Adyghe State University would never be a strong point in my CV to get a teaching job.

When I came back from my Au Pair year in New York, some advised me not to say that I worked as a babysitter the whole year, but rather "took part in a student exchange program".

When I started my filmmaking path, some people gave me advice not to mention my NYFA studies and not to show short films made there.

When I took part in making of successful British documentary as a production assistant, it was also advised not to brag about if I didn't want to be PA forever.

After I studied film directing at Mikhalkov Academy in Moscow, I was also told not to highlight this experience.

When you just start out there, you can really fall into listening to such advisors because they seem to be more experienced and wish you well. But if these advisors make you feel ashamed for your big and small life achievements, then it's really shame on you. If you're not proud of who you are and what you've achieved, then nobody will.

Sometimes I wonder where I'd be if had listened to all my kind advisors…

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