UNESCO Film City

Which city became the first UNESCO film city and why?
Have you ever heard of Bradford? Probably, you have not. However, it became the first UNESCO film city in the world in 2009. What made it so special from the film point of view?

Bradford has a unique museum - National Science and Media Museum and this museum possesses the most comprehensive exhibition dedicated to the true inventor of moving pictures Louis Aime Augustin Le Prince including the replica of his single-lens camera that he invented in 1888. Unfortunately, Le Prince mysteriously disappeared in 1890 right before he intended to present his camera and first films to the world, he was erased from the film history and the whole fame went to the Lumiere brothers who managed to screen their films at Grand Cafe in Paris only in 1895 instead of Le Prince in 1890.

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Although, Le Prince got a modest recognition by having a plaque on the house in Leeds in 1930s where he had his workshop and shot one of the survived films of the famous Leeds bridge in 1888, Le Prince remained unknown until 2015 when a Leeds born film producer and director David Nicholas Wilkinson made a documentary "The First Film" to restore the justice.
Now it's a recognized fact that "Roundhay Garden Scene" shot on October 14th, 1888 by Le Prince not far from Leeds is the first moving picture ever made!
"Traffic Crossing Leeds Bridge" by Le Prince is the second earliest film survived, shot in 1888 from his workshop window.
Now this place is marked with the blue plaque that changed the previous one that is an artefact at the National Science and Media Museum.
"Accordion Player" is the third film where Le Prince shot his son Adolphe.
"Man Walking Around the Corner" is the last survived from the earliest films shot by Le Prince.
Moreover, National Science and Media Museum has exhibitions of photography, cinema, television, animation, videogaming, and also incorporates Pictureville Cinema - one of the best equipped cinemas in the world!

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