Actor, Acting and Voice Coach

Experience: 5 years
Countries: Russia, Estonia, United Kingdom
Cities: Moscow, Tallinn, London
Languages: Russian, English, Estonian, Sign language, French, German; Italian (basic)

Born in Tallinn, Estonia. Trained at the Moscow Art Theatre School (2012-2016), Viktor Ryzhakov workshop. After graduation together with the artistic director and classmates founded new theatre troupe - 9th Studio of Moscow Art Theatre (MAT), Ryzhakov Workshop. Played leading parts at The Meyerhold Theatre Centre, Performance Art Theatre "Praktika" and the Moscow Art Theatre. Had experience working in film and on TV. Latest projects: December (2021), dir. Klim Shipenko; Erik Stoneheart (2022), dir. Ilmar Raag; Kalev (2022), dir. Ove Musting and Tenet (2020), dir. Christopher Nolan. Ronald helps actors to analyse roles and acting on camera, trains for auditions and interviews with casting directors and film directors, helps to make self-taped reels (completed method and screen acting program at the Lee Strasberg Theatre & Film Institute in Los Angeles). Also works with actors on speaking techniques based on MAT's method. Speaks several foreign languages and imitates their accents therefore can also help to acquire needed one for a role.


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Type: Individual

Category: Acting

Experience: 3 - 5 years

Country: Russia

Country: Estonia

Country: United Kingdom